About us

Paprika Tokri Candles

Joy, Light & Spice

Meher, our head candlemaker just so happens to be an artist and self-taught chef. Her mantra of joy, light and spice are three key elements that bring out a person’s joie de vivre. As a child, little M was very discerning, and had a penchant for experimentation. A happy incident involving a basket of paprika and her grandmother’s favourite Kangri (No, no one was hurt, and there was no arson involved), led to the birth of the future chef, artist and chandler.

Meher believes in embracing a life that is lit with joyfulness and radiance, and she ensure that all her creations hold a little bit of that magic in them.

We at the Paprika Tokri Studio ensure that our hand poured, and individually cured candles are made with Soy Wax, which have a significantly lower amount of soot, and are a greener alternative to the widely used paraffin. Moreover, our blends are meticulously explored, tested and studied, so as to ensure that each product you buy has a therapeutic effect on your body and mind.

In essence, we strive to make sure that each candle you buy is infused with our “Tokri of Joy, Light and Spice.”

Our studio is located in a farm on the outskirts of Delhi, surrounded by trees, geese, dogs, monkeys, peacocks and a pedantic (and often sadistic) parakeet. Our home is always filled with people from far and wide. We are, in essence, a chaotic medley of elation, brightness and zing.

We believe in making products that bring out the best in everyone. So, welcome to our family. Let’s make this world jubilant, illuminative and stimulating.