Lighting a candle for meditation, at a bath time or just for having a romantic dinner is something we all love doing once in a while or maybe daily. But if you are health conscious you would want to know, what effects these candles have on our health and environment? Most candles cause indoor air pollution by emitting soot and toxins into your home and lungs - while damaging the entire planet at the same time. These are nothing but your beautiful and aromatic paraffin candles. As soon as you lit it, within a few minutes you can see the black residue (soot) rising from the lit wick staining the jar or container. Now imagine that same soot being inhaled into your lungs, that’s dangerous. Isn’t it?

As candle lovers, Paprika Tokri ventured into the candle industry to find a substitute for paraffin candles. Our purpose was to offer a candle that was long-lasting, aromatic from start to finish and was a healthier alternative to paraffin. After months of research and experimenting Paprika Tokri Soy Candles came to life. We offer hand-poured; individually cured candles made with Soy Wax which are plant-based candles. Here are a few interesting benefits of soy candles.

Benefits of soy candles

  1. Made from natural resources and biodegradable

Soy wax is a vegetable wax produced from the oil of soybeans which, is biodegradable and renewable meaning residual wax can be cleaned using soap and water. It is significantly less toxic to the environment. On the other hand, classic paraffin wax is made from petroleum and is non-renewable.

  1. Cleaner Burning

Candles made from soy wax burns cleaner and last longer resulting in less soot and no toxins into the atmosphere, usually, that is a concern with paraffin wax.

  1. They burn slowly and are cost-effective

Soy Wax candles burn at cooler temperatures (at a low melting point), resulting in a longer-lasting burn than paraffin candles of the same size. This makes soy candles more cost-effective. Furthermore, one of the big benefits of soy candles is that they burn more uniformly. So, less wax is left sticking to the sides of the glass. 

  1. Safe for people with allergies and breathing problems

If you suffer from any allergies or asthma or any form of breathing disorder, you understand the importance of staying away from too much smoke. Candles made with 100% soy wax do not release the petroleum-based pollutants that paraffin candles release. Soy candles emit less smoke into the environment when they are burned, and hence is a safer option compared to paraffin candles. 

  1. Gives a stronger scent

The scent from soy candles’ essential oils is more pleasant and stronger-smelling because it has a low melting point, the ‘wax pool’ it creates when lit easily evaporates. Soy oil, being an agriculture product in itself, blends quite easily with other essential oils including Geranium, Lavender, Cedar, Sandalwood etc.

About Paprika TokriCandles 

All of the candles at Paprika Tokriare made from soy wax and by now you probably understand why! Soy wax offers many significant benefits over paraffin wax, most you might not have realized! It’s better for your health…the air…the environment…AND, even the animals and plants in the world! When you see “soy wax” on the label, you’ll know what it really means and why it matters. 

We’re passionate about sustainability and to be the change. Our products bring together love, research and experimentation to bring you something unique. Start your soy wax candle journey today, explore our range of beautiful soy wax candles and experience a sense of calmness.